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When we lose a loved one, there is always the sadness that they are no longer physically in this world. Although those feelings are present, the memorial can be a celebration of that person’s life, which helps to counteract the feelings of loss those left behind experience.

How many times have you been to a memorial or funeral and the person officiating the service didn’t take enough time to really know the departed person or their family and friends? Words that have no meaning leave the family and friends feeling incomplete and that their loved one was not sufficiently honored.

Jani will spend the time necessary to acquire the information and stories about your loved one’s life to create a memorial service that will respectfully reflect the nature, beliefs and values of your dearly departed. Because of her training to work with people dealing with change in their lives and her calm and caring nature, she has the compassion and expertise to console you as you are dealing with the preparations of the memorial service.


“Something New”: Create Your Own Memorial Service — As a Personal Growth Process

Jani is also available to work with you if you wish to create your own memorial service regardless of your age or physical health. It is a memorial service that will be performed after you have passed on, but is created by you for yourself while you are still living.

Doing so supports people in accepting the reality that one day we will all leave this body which in return, allows people to
live more fully now. By completing your memorial service, you have the opportunity to look at what your life has been up to now and what you may want it to be from this point on. There is an added sense of peace about the past and clarity about the future that can be gained by going through the process of creating your memorial now.

“Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.”
— Gilda Radner

“In the absence of wake up calls, many of us never really confront the critical issues of life
— Stephen Covey, First Things First

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