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Your wedding is a very important time in your life. Most couples are looking to have a ceremony that means something to them as individuals and as a couple; a ceremony that contains a meaningful significance that you will remember and carry with you throughout your lives.
It is so important for you to feel comfortable with and trust the person who is standing before you and officiating your ceremony.

Jani has a caring nature and a calming quality that will support you on your wedding day as well as throughout your planning stages. Because of the combination of Jani’s heartfelt presence, her appropriate sense of humor, and her commitment to you as a couple, your ceremony will be one that will be deeply meaningful to you and your guests and as well as one you will enjoy and remember.

Interfaith /Same Faith/ Civil Ceremonies

Many couples today come from different cultural and/or religious backgrounds. This can present a challenge when it comes to the wedding day to incorporate a mixture of words and customs that are a blend of each person’s beliefs and desires for their special ceremony. Because Jani has studied and experienced many different religions and cultures, she specializes in creating unique ceremonies that reflect each individual’s perspective on life and marriage as well as the combined views the couple has about their union in marriage. This will also be the case if you both come from similar backgrounds and hold similar views on life and marriage.

What You Can Expect

As your Wedding Officiant, Jani will:
Meet with you 2-3 times prior to your wedding day to learn about you as individuals and as a couple.

— Take the time to hear what is particular about you and your relationship and will include it as a portion of the ingredients that make your ceremony truly unique to you.

Spend 2 to 3 hours writing a ceremony which gives you an idea of the commitment she makes to each couple. This does not include the time she meets with you.

Review your ceremony with you prior to the wedding so that you can make any changes or additions you wish.

Schedule a rehearsal with you so you can rest knowing you’ve walked through the ceremony once before the special day.

— On the day of your wedding, put you at ease with her calm and grounded nature.



As a Wedding Officiant, Jani will perform your ceremony in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Orange County. She is also willing to travel to other areas of southern California and the western United States.


“We both want to thank you for helping us create the perfect wedding! We both felt strongly that we wanted a wedding unique to us – that would eloquently share a closer look of who we are and the love we share. Your preparation, thoughts, insight and friendship helped bring our wishes to life! You were able to take our discussions and personal interviews and craft them into the perfect ceremony for us – including a touching (and humorous) reflection of our lives together. Jani, we found working with you to be effortless and peaceful. For the first time at a wedding, we believe that the ceremony was not just a prelude to the reception, but the highlight of the wedding day! Over and over we have heard our family and friends say ‘That was the best wedding I have ever attended!’ You exceeded our expectations in every way as a writer, an officiant and a friend! Thank you!”
— Andrew and Kristin, Del Mar, CA

“We knew we wanted a personal and joyful ceremony for our home fireside wedding on Christmas Eve. You helped us to make it so. Your ideas for composing our own vows and crafting our ceremony guided us easily, and helped us to make our day unique and heartfelt. Your participation as Celebrant reflected your gentle warmth and strength of spirit, plus your great respect and understanding for how we wished to celebrate our happy wedding day. Thank you, again.”
— Marie and Jeff, Boston, MA

“Most weddings don’t have enough ‘heart’ in them. This one was so inspiring because it had a lot of ‘heart’ in it. All weddings should be more like that!”
— John, Wedding Guest

“I have managed 60-70 weddings this past year at this location and none of them moved me like this one! You really have a gift.”
— Virginia, Wedding Site Manager

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